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Drai’s After Hours Turned Into a Midnight Carnival for Imagine Tuesdays

Come one, come all as Drai’s After Hours brought the greatest show on Earth to Las Vegas last night for the second edition of Imagine Tuesdays! It was a spectacular evening full of surprises as the iconic hot spot was embellished with circus decor everywhere you looked, with many looking festive dressed as magicians, lion tamers, strongmen, clowns and more to go with the incredible ambiance. A variety of carnival games were set up in the house room as well, where patrons stepped right up to play for prizes all night long! DJ Maria Romano played the ringmaster for the evening, once again bringing the hottest sounds to the jam-packed basement venue. With bottle presentations, birthday celebrations, and notable guests being seen in full effect last night, Drai’s After Hours was the place to be on the Strip – stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Imagine Tuesdays!



Mardi Gras Comes to Las Vegas for Imagine Tuesdays at Drai