Sak Noel



Sak Noel is a lifelong fan of dance and various art forms, and that fascination, married with an inquisitive mind and restless soul, has led to him creating his own unique sound that has won him many fans around the world. After building his sound in the early days, he has a hugely versatile nature and ever creative mind and it is these things that have stood him out from the crowd. It was in Spain that Sak Noel first made a mark, and that came with his 2011 track "Loca People," which went on to get soul on dance floors around the world. After that early success, Sak has toured the world and has played more than 40 different countries, all before following up his great first cut with many more: "Paso" and "Where" are part of the Crazy Society Trilogy, which cemented his profile in the electronic music scene, and "Party On My Level" and "I Am The Law" then came in 2013, as well as "No Boyfriend" in 2014, both of which sat pretty in charts in both the U.S and UK. His latest single is "Trumpets" featuring Salvi and Sean Paul.