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Drai’s Beachclub EDC Week 2018 Recap


We have a lot to cover here at Drai’s Beachclub as EDC Week 2018 was going on, with our highly-coveted lineup being the talk of the town here in Las Vegas! Featuring our most diverse dance lineup ever, we had fans from all over the world coming out for this year’s edition, with some acts exclusively available here that people couldn’t see at the festival. The festivities started Thursday afternoon with GTA, Ape Drums, ETC!ETC!, Henry Fong and JSTJR; Friday we had Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet; Saturday was Zeds Dead, Snails and 4B; Sunday was our Fool’s Gold party with A-Trak, Anna Lunoe and KITTENS; and finally we had MK, CamelPhat, Solardo and Will Clarke to close it out for us on Monday! Our epic five-day Drai’s Beachclub EDC Week 2018 recap starts now:

EDC festival goers and dance fans alike were excited to get the party going on Thursday, as you can feel the buzz in the air on the rooftop of The Cromwell! Henry Fong was first to step on stage to roaring cheers from the crowd! What better way to start us off with some of his signature tropical and moombahton dance mixes as things started to heat up? Henry brought to the tables crowd favorites “Drop It Down Low,” “Young Hearts,” “Boombox,” and of course “F.E.A.R.,” getting everyone up and moving! Next up was the return of Ape Drums, never failing to bring the hype with his energetic mic presence. We had our lovely Drai’s Dirty Dancers accompanying him on stage as well, playing hits “The Way We Do This,” “LFUTP,” “Bashment” and more, bringing a mix of his trap-inflected sounds for the partygoers! It was then a special B2B set with ETC!ETC! and JSTJR, telling everyone “Drai’s lemme see those hands up right now, let’s go!” The crowd certainly made a splash all around our sparkling pools, switching things up with some reggaeton and remixes to some of the hottest hits from the ’90s. It was then our 2018 Beachclub debut of electronic duo GTA, as our beautiful Drai’s Dolls got up on stage for some champagne showers as the beat dropped to the screaming fans! “Las Vegas how y’all doing right now?! One, two, three, let’s go!” as they started their set with “What We Tell Dem,” followed by rap remixes to “Antidote,” “rockstar,” “Booty (Remix)” and more! It was just insane from start to finish; who would’ve thought Thursdays would be this fun?! Good Times Ahead indeed!

We switched it up a bit for Friday, May 18th as we had Claude VonStroke’s 2018 debut alongside Green Velvet! Originally set to play separately, they decided last minute to give everyone a very special treat by playing B2B together as Get Real! The Dirtybird crowd was more than thrilled to hear this announcement, as the two performing together is a very rare occasion. The duo played their tracks “Mind Yo Bizness” and “Snuffaluffagus” to the amazement of fans, along with other exclusive mixes to keep the party going. They also took time to play some of their individual hits, with Claude bringing out hits “The Rain Break,” “Barrump,” “Make a Cake” and more, delivering the best in deep tech house. He also played his latest hit “Walay (My Bae)” for the first time at Drai’s Beachclub! Green Velvet’s set included his singles “Sauce,” “Shake N Pop,” “Flash” (by Eats Everything) and more, offering some of his minimal techno house sounds to the stage. It was officially a house party here for hours on end, whetting EDC fans’ appetites before heading up to the fest later that night! An incredible, rare treat given to us from Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet that probably won’t be seen again in awhile — you had to be here to Get Real!

Saturday was another jam-packed afternoon, with revelers grabbing their swimsuits to beat the heat to cool off from day 1 of EDC! 4B entertained partygoers first, playing EDM hits “Carnival,” “Love Is Dead” and one of this year’s most-played bangers “Whistle”! The energy was off the charts with drinks flowing, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette groups popping bottles, and people dancing and making a splash, excited about our stacked lineup! Electronic duo Zeds Dead came on after, beginning with “The Drop” followed by their single “Collapse.” “Las Vegas make some noise for yourselves!” Roaring cheers were heard all across the venue, continuing their performance with “Lights Go Down,” “Lost You,” “Journey of a Lifetime,” “You and I” and more! It was then time for the one and only Snails to come on stage, and when Snails comes on you know what that means… we had fans headbanging by the rails and all over the club, turning it up to another level! This called for some champagne showers from our Drai’s Dolls, already adding to the sun-soaked start to the weekend! He took things a step further with some dubstep tracks coming in, playing hits like “King Is Back,” “Frogbass,” “SLUGZ,” “Into the Light” and “Break It Down,” as well as throwing in some hardcore mixes for the crowd. One word to describe this day: INSANE!

Sunday was the official Fool’s Gold party here at Drai’s Beachclub, attracting enthusiasts of trap, dance, hip-hop and everything in between for some fun in the sun! First up from the Fool’s Gold lineup was KITTENS, playing singles “Cute,” “Nasty,” “Water Wet” and more to the delight of many. Next up was Anna Lunoe, asking EDC fans “if you’re happy to be alive make some noise!” Anna played some trap mixes to tracks from DJ Snake, N.E.R.D, Big Sean, Drake and more, keeping the good vibes going throughout the day. She went up on the front of stage to dance and greet her loyal fans, thanking everyone for coming out before ending her set! Last but not least was Fool’s Gold’s own A-Trak, as always delivering some of the best mixes to hip-hop and dance. The scratch king played chart-toppers like “Warriors,” “Alone,” “Powerglide,” “The Way Life Goes” and a lot more, with our mesmerizing Drai’s Dirty Dancers gracing the stage! Monday afternoon was the last day of EDC Week, and there was no better place to be that day as we started with British house duo CamelPhat, electronic duo Solardo and house/EDM DJ Will Clarke. Beachclub resident MK brought the house down with signature dance hits like “My Love 4 U,” “Piece of Me,” “Bring Me to Life,” and his latest single “17.” He kept his momentum going from his EDC set Friday to Monday, making for a memorable Monday afternoon for everyone reminiscing about the weekend!