Drai’s Beachclub Residents 4B and GTA Make Top 10 Songs Played out at Ultra Miami 2018


Miami was the center of attention in the dance music industry last week, with their annual Miami Music Week going on and Ultra Music Festival just concluding over the weekend. Being the 20th anniversary of Ultra Miami, many EDM heavyweights brought their very best to the festival and played the hottest, on-trend tracks of the season. Leading DJ tracklist database 1001 Tracklists has just compiled the top 10 songs played during the insane weekend, with hits including DJ Snake‘s “Magenta Riddim,” and Skrillex and Rick Ross’s “Purple Lamborghini” being heard throughout the festival stages. The standouts for us, however, are Drai’s Beachclub artists 4B and GTA making the top 10. 4B and TEEZ’s monstrous new banger “Whistle” — which was just released last week and coming in at #3 on the list — was being played by almost every headliner to get EDM fans amped up throughout the weekend, proving already to being a certified hit. Coming in at #4 is 4B once again on his collaborative track “Pop Dat” with AAZAR, released in 2015.

Continuing on the list we have GTA’s 2014 classic “Booty Bounce” featuring DJ Funk coming in at #6, proving still to be a crowd pleaser in today’s market. At #2 is Gammer’s “The Drop,” and coming in at the very top, even in the EDM circuit, is Drake’s “God’s Plan.” Take a listen to the specially-curated top 10 playlist below:

You can catch 4B at Drai’s Beachclub on Sunday, April 15, and the grand debut of GTA during EDC Music Week on Thursday, May 17!

source: Your EDM