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Drai’s Fight Weekend Recap: DJ Esco (9/13), Big Sean + Pusha-T (9/14), TroyBoi and TIP (9/15), Fabolous (9/16)

There was no better way to spend the big Fight Weekend and Mexican Independence Day in Las Vegas than here at Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub, with another all-star lineup featured for fans and partygoers alike — our very own DJ Esco kicked it off Thursday night for the COOLEST party on the Strip; Friday saw a special co-headlining performance from Big Sean and Pusha-T; TroyBoi brought the house and dance vibes Saturday afternoon at Drai’s Beachclub, with the king of trap music TIP performing later that night; and Fabolous perfectly closing the weekend out Sunday evening. Plenty of special guests came out to party, including comedian Dave Chappelle; NBA players LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Damian Lillard, Lou Williams and Evan Turner; Instagram model Sommer Ray; actor Rosie Perez; singers Usher and Luis Miguel; rapper Q-Tip; and many more!

Thursdays at Drai’s Nightclub continues to be the place to be in Vegas, with the always entertaining DJ Esco getting everyone turned up and ready for the weekend! “Las Vegas, make some noise! If you from out of town put your hands up! We gonna start in 3, 2, 1… let’s go!” We had hands up all over the place, cheering and ready to party for the weekend as he started off with “Too Much Sauce” into “Mask Off,” as always showing love and appreciation by shaking hands with those on the dancefloor. Looking fresh in his Nike SB “Cork” Dunk Highs, Esco and the Mask Off Mascot brought their fancy footwork on stage to get partygoers going from start to finish, encouraging them to dance to “Shoot,” “Look Alive,” “Booty Remix” and more! We also had our lovely Drai’s Dirty Dancers accompanying him on stage throughout the show, bringing their mesmerizing choreography to the mix. There were people from all over the U.S. and the world, and Esco made sure to shout out as many places as he can, playing some Migos, 2 Chainz and Future for those from the South; Drake for all the Canadians; “Blow the Whistle” and “Big Bank” for everyone from Cali; and some A$AP Mob for the New Yorkers — in the end everyone was on the same page and just celebrating life all night long!

Drai’s Nightclub was proud to be the first in the world Friday night to offer the eagerly awaited Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial collaboration with revered fashion designer Virgil Abloh! The limited edition bottle is wrapped in white foil with a rose gold border trim, topped with Virgil’s signature quotation marks on the side that say “DO NOT DROP”. The design was also applied all across the venue, with the minimalist “DO NOT DROP” branding perfectly complimenting the pre-launch event. There were nonstop bottle presentations as fans and patrons ordered bottle after bottle of the Moët x Virgil Abloh champagne, happily flexing on social media with the exclusive offering! This was truly a night to remember, having Big Sean and Pusha-T co-headline for the first time on the Drai’s LIVE stage — “If you in Vegas and you feeling good make some noise right now! Y’all ready to party or what?!” asked Big Sean as fans screamed as loud as they can while he performed “Paradise” followed by “Moves,” with an insane rapid-fire ad lib at the end! “We got Fight Weekend going on right now at Drai’s! If you from the East Coast make some noise! If you from the Midwest, dirty South, North side make some noise! West Coast where y’all at?! We got Dave Chappelle up in here, the legend!” Dave was spotted enjoying himself with close friends and Sean in our stage side VIP, singing along and greeting fans.

While Big Sean was performing “Mercy,” it was only right for Pusha-T to come out for his verse as the crowd cheered on seeing the two GOOD Music emcees together on stage! King Push then took over for his set, rapping to classics “Grindin,” “Move That Dope,” “Runaway” and more — “When I say GOOD, you say Music! GOOD…” “Music!” “GOOD…” “Music!” He then performed a number of DAYTONA singles: “Games We Play,” “Come Back Baby,” “If You Know You Know” and “Santeria” — “Vegas make some noise in this b****! Shout out to my brother Big Sean! Hands up, let’s go!” Before performing GOOD Music turn-up anthem “I Don’t Like,” Push asked “where’s my brother Big Sean at?! Yo Drai’s, ‘that’s that s*** I DO like’!” Big Sean then got tagged back in to close this memorable show with “I Don’t F*** With You” and “Bounce Back,” with some people that couldn’t help but make it rain all over the club! “Las Vegas thank you; if you got love for me, I got love for you! Make some noise for yourselves!” You can catch Big Sean again on Saturday, October 13 at Drai’s Nightclub! Click here to purchase tickets.

Things really started to heat up the next day at Drai’s Beachclub, with London’s own TroyBoi getting it going on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon! “Yo yo what’s good Vegas! It’s your boy TroyBoi right now! What do you say we start with some new music?” Fans were more than happy to oblige, starting it off by “F***** S*** Up” from Destructo featuring Busta Rhymes, and as always backed by an amazing group of b-boys on stage to go with the show. Everyone made quite a splash during his set, with good food, drinks, and good vibes all in the air to enjoy these last days of summer! TroyBoi was playing some very special house and dance remixes to some of the biggest hits in rap and EDM like “MotorSport, “Look Alive,” “Lotus Eater,” “Purple Lamborghini” and a lot more to cater to a variety of tastes. He then channeled his inner ninja with his Left Is Right single “KinjaBang,” along with standout hits “Flamez” and “Afterhours” — “Vegas how we feelin’, we feelin’ good?! Let’s keep it going!” TroyBoi delivered to the dayclub scene once again, and you can catch his return on Saturday, September 29 at Drai’s Beachclub! Click here to purchase tickets.

Later that night we had the pleasure of having the king of trap music, TIP, live in concert at Drai’s Nightclub! Dave Chappelle had such a good time the night before that he had to come back, this time with a special request: “I would like to propose a toast! We all in this room right now, Las Vegas make some noise! Here’s to ‘living your best life’!” It was time for everybody to “Smile” up in here, and the energy was just incredible from thereon out — “Las Vegas, I don’t know about the future but I know about today! I’m from Ohio, shout out to LeBron James in the building! Please make some noise for the hip-hop legend, the trap king, T.I.!” Dave gave quite a compelling introduction on stage, with TIP  starting us off with “Top Back”! “Las Vegas I’d like to welcome you to Drai’s; I will be the moderator for this evening and you will know it’s gonna be the home to trap music!” TIP celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut album Trap Muzik, performing “Rubberband Man,” “24’s” and more classics as the sold out crowd cheered on in excitement! “Let’s toast to life; celebrate success. And also let’s point out, there’s a lot of ladies up in here at Drai’s!” He did a little something for them as they gladly sang along to “Let’s Get Away,” “Why You Wanna” and “No Mediocre”! TIP ended his epic set with “What You Know” into “ATM,” but the party was far from over!

We then reached Sunday evening to conclude Fight Weekend, with an electrifying show put on by New York rapper Fabolous! The night was off to a great start as our very own DJ Franzen took control, wishing all the Virgos a very happy birthday and passing out birthday shots for those on the dancefloor — there’s a reason why SunDRAIS was named readers’ choice ‘Best Industry Night’ by Las Vegas Weekly! “Vegas make some noise if you in this tonight!” We certainly had a “Lituation” going on, fittingly followed by “Ball Drop” to go with our massive LED ball on stage! Fans went wild all night, with his hypeman and DJ asking “who’s been down with Fab since day 1?!” taking us back to “Can’t Deny It” and “Young’n” from his massive catalog of chart-toppers. Fab made sure to give all the girls some extra love and attention, performing “Superwoman, Pt. 2,” “Into You,” “Boo’d Up Remix,” “You Be Killin Em” and much more, really getting them turned up and dancing all night — “All my superwomen get your hands in the air!” With so many classics to choose from, he made sure to bring out some of his newer bangers like “Ooh Yea” and 2017’s “Flipmode”; we couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up this momentous weekend! You can catch Fabolous again on Saturday, September 29 at Drai’s Nightclub! Click here for tickets.