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DRAI’S GUIDE: The Benefits of Buying a Table

So you and your group decided to do a last-minute trip to Las Vegas. You heard about all the great things Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub has to offer, but do you guys wait in line for individual tickets or go with buying a table? Well we’re going to go over the many benefits of going with a table over general admission to save your crew the time, effort and yes, even some money! There’s a bottle service package to fit you and your group’s needs and budget that can transform your Vegas night into an experience you will never forget.

Benefits of Booking a Table with Bottle Service

The words ‘bottle service’ can automatically lead to people assuming spending a lot of money for just a bottle of liquor, but what they don’t realize is they’re paying for the many services it will be providing! On top of the bottle you’ll be getting, you and your group are paying to be walked through the venue to your table by a host, the space you’ll be sitting and dancing at, the personal cocktail server that will be serving your drinks, the busser to keep the table clean, security looking out for your group through the evening, and of course for a great location in the club!

Adding to the above, you’re also paying for the spectacle and special moment. The starter bottle prices will of course come with the great services and the luxury of having a table, but some of the more expensive bottles will come with a show drawing attention to let everyone in the club know you’re kind of a big deal! There’s also different tiers of these bottle presentations, from standard to extravagant. Please keep in mind that certain nights at the club will be more in demand than others. Prices on those kind of nights will generally be higher, however that doesn’t mean a slow night will always be a slow night as something can always change last minute at the venue (entertainment, special guests, celebrities, etc.).

Save Time with a Table

The old saying “time is money” holds true in almost any situation. You can save a lot of time and potential hassle by buying a table over waiting in line for general admission tickets. Also the further in advance, you book your table, the better, as you’ll have priority over guests that decide to book afterwards.

Save Money with Bottle Service in Las Vegas

Buying drinks from the bar can add up for each of you throughout the evening. Instead, consider planning the night out with your group before entering the Las Vegas club and split it however which way to alleviate costs. Again, don’t forget all of the benefits you and your guests will be receiving from the above!

Bottle Service at Drai's Nightclub

Other Benefits of Buying a Table in a Nightclub

Having your own table and space truly does give you the best Las Vegas nightclub experience, being that it will be a much comfortable and convenient way for you and your group. It’s an added bonus for ladies, as they’ll have a place to store their belongings as well as having a place to relax and sit from wearing their high heels. You will also have you guys’ own private set space for the night with incredible service, so there’s no need to muscle through crowds to grab a drink at the bar, or worry about getting a good spot to see your favorite act perform.

Want to meet new people in the club? Having bottle service in Las Vegas with a place to sit on hand makes making new friends a breeze. If you’re a group of guys wanting to meet some attractive ladies in the nightclub, a VIP table and bottle service is a great solution.

How to Book a Table at Drai’s

The tables at Drai’s are always in high demand. Plan ahead and be sure to buy your table in advance. Luckily, we made it easy to book a table through our website.

We hope you enjoyed this handy guide on the many benefits of buying a table, and next time you’re in town with a group consider theses pointers to make for an unforgettable night! Find out more of our upcoming events in Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub.