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Drai’s Weekend Recap: Fabolous (11/24), DJ Franzen (11/25)

The holiday season is officially here – Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and Drai’s Nightclub was the place to party in Las Vegas! We had New York City’s finest Fabolous coming back for Saturday night, and the weekend was closed out with a special ’90s/2K’s edition of DJ Franzen’s House Party on Sunday. Special guests included YouTube personality RiceGum hanging out with members of eSports team FaZe Clan, boxing champ Mike Tyson, music exec Steve Stoute, and more!

Fabolous made his grand return here at Drai’s Nightclub for Saturday evening, drawing crowds from across the Strip all night long. Seen this time wearing head-to-toe Iceberg, Fab got it started for us with a “Lituation” into “She Wildin” to rile up the packed crowd! “Vegas if you in this mother****** make some noise one time! Where my independent ladies at?!” Fab fans applauded in excitement as we had plenty of bottles popping on our many VIP tables, with some making it rain throughout the show! “I wanna do some classic day 1 s***!” Fabolous then took it all the way back to 2001 with his breakout hit “Can’t Deny It,” followed by “Young’n.” Never one to leave the ladies behind, he treated them to classics “Superwoman,” “Into You,” “Can’t Let You Go” and more as everyone sang along! “Where all my birthday ladies at?!” as he performed “Say Aah” to the many Scorpios in the building. We then took a moment to surprise Fabolous with a birthday announcement of his own, as our lovely Drai’s Dolls came up on stage with a special presentation and custom birthday cake! Fab showed much love and appreciation, as well as for everyone that came out that night to see him. He closed out his set with his latest banger “Ooh Yea,” but the party didn’t stop there! You can catch the return of Fabolous on the Drai’s LIVE stage Saturday, December 15! Click here for tickets.

Local partygoers, industry heads and out of towners came out dressed in their best ’90s garbs for another special edition of #SunDraisWithDJFranzen! Continuing to be the best Las Vegas nightclub to close their wild weekends, our very own DJ Franzen took us all back to the golden era and played a number of ’90s and 2K’s hip-hop and R&B gems, mixed with today’s top hits. “My name is DJ Franzen and I want to welcome all of you here to my house party!” Post-Thanksgiving celebrations were well underway with libations all over the venue, as people danced to “21 Questions,” “Always on Time,” “Rock the Boat” and more along with the Drai’s Dirty Dancers. Franzen and friends then took time on stage to shout out and hand out some free birthday shots to all the lovely ladies in the building! Be sure to join in on the fun next Sunday, December 2 for another edition of #SunDraisWithDJFranzen – click here for tickets.