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Drai’s Weekend Recap: Yo Gotti (11/9), 50 Cent (11/10)

Drai’s Nightclub continues to be at the forefront of the Las Vegas nightlife scene, bringing the best in live performances not found anywhere else! Memphis’s own Yo Gotti kicked it off for us Friday night, with the one and only 50 Cent making his return on Saturday. Plenty of special guests were spotted including boxing champs Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson, NBA player Aaron Afflalo, legendary DJ Eric B, eSports pro FaZe Rug, and many more!

It was a packed house Friday night as fans and partygoers filled the stage in no time, as Yo Gotti is always known to bring his A-game when stepping on the Drai’s LIVE stage. Our very own DJ Franzen and Gotti’s DJ Blak as always formed a dynamic duo on the decks, hyping the crowd up and playing the best in hip-hop and R&B! Yo Gotti assertively got it started with his “F*** You” intro followed by “Yayo,” showing love and shaking hands with fans in the process. “Vegas make some noise! We gonna take it back to the trap – anyone here from the South?” Needless to say we had a lot of people from the South that came in, as well as those all over the U.S. and across the world. Gotti performed chart-toppers “Women Lie, Men Lie,” “Hardaway,” “Doin 2 Much” and more, getting everyone riled up and singing along! “Make some noise for yourselves!” He then took time to ask a few lovely ladies where they were from, playfully chatting with them as he promptly went into Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” – “You got Snapchat? Who’s birthday is it right now?!” Fan-favorites “Down in the DM” and “Rake It Up” were next, then impeccably closed his set out with “1942”! Yo Gotti stuck around afterwards on stage to show appreciation to his many fans, even taking some selfies to end the night!

Everyone got a taste of victory Saturday evening as 50 Cent made his grand return, presented by Le Chemin du Roi champagne! To no one’s surprise it was a sold out show with drinks flowing, tables making it rain, and people celebrating from start to finish. Fif stepped on stage head-to-toe in Gucci, starting us off real strong with Get Rich or Die Tryin’ standouts “What Up Gangsta” into “Many Men,” accompanied by close friend and hype man Tony Yayo! The cheering didn’t stop as excitement filled the air, and 50 took time to shake hands with his many loyal fans on the dance floor. “How many of y’all watch Power?! We gonna change it up a bit!” He then performed Power‘s hit anthem “Big Rich Town,” followed by classics “P.I.M.P.” and “Candy Shop”! 50 and Tony were also feeling generous that night and gifted some bottles of Le Chemin du Roi to some lucky patrons on the dance floor, followed by a special bottle presentation on stage presented by our lovely Drai’s Dolls! 50 Cent ended this incredible evening out with “Little Bit” and his latest single “Get the Strap,” but the party kept on going well into the night!