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Migos Returns to the Drai’s LIVE Stage for the Official DUB Magazine Party

Sat Nov 4

(11/1/17) It was SEMA week once again in Las Vegas and there was no better place to be than at Drai’s Nightclub! The world’s number 1 hip-hop group Migos returned to the Drai’s LIVE stage for DUB Magazine‘s official party and it was a jam-packed Wednesday night, as car enthusiasts from all over the world came out for what was absolutely a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience. Our very own Drai’s Dirty Dancers came out to the Drai’s LIVE stage, with their sultry dance moves wowing guests throughout the night. The entire club was bumping, with several tables making it rain to celebrate the occasion.

The crowd is all set and ready for Migos as they came out to the stage starting with “Get Right Witcha,” as excitement filled the entire nightclub. “Wassup wassup, Las Vegas wassup! If you from out of town say hell yeah!” exclaims Quavo, “let’s make this b*tch slippery” as they of course, go into their next hit. During “Slippery”‘s chorus, it was a team effort as the Migos easily had their fans loudly fill in for them. Quavo then asks “if you gettin motherf***ing money make some noise… so help me sing this song right here” with “Deadz” appropriately being performed next. Of course tables made it rain all over the place at this point!

“Where my day 1 Migos fans at? If you want us to take that s**t back, say ‘take that s**t back’!” as Huncho takes the mic again, with the trio going into their early classic “Hannah Montana.” “On the count of 3 I want you to scream where you from!” as you hear cities from all over the world being shouted out. “If you having a good time with the Migos say hell yeah!” as they continue to vibe off the enormous crowd. Towbin Dodge’s Josh “Chop” Towbin was also spotted with his crew, enjoying themselves with their incredible view of the show at the VIP table.

The Migos then asked to cut all the lights off and to put everyone’s cellphones up, as their DJ asks the crowd “when I say rain drop, you say drop top!”, with huge roars from fans all over ready for Migos’s number 1 hit, “Bad and Boujee.” It was an incredible moment as you can see literally everyone singing along and dancing to their most popular song. They then accordingly concluded the night with their new single “Motor Sport” to the delight of car enthusiasts, and thanked everybody for making them the number 1 group in the world. It was another historic night here at Drai’s Nightclub!


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