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Snoop Dogg Shuts It Down for Swim Night at Drai’s Beachclub (8/28)

Swim Night continues to be a hit as the one and only Snoop Dogg returned for another incredible show at Drai’s Beachclub! Tuesday nights never looked so good in Las Vegas as Snoop fans around the Strip and beyond came out for an unforgettable experience, exclusively on the rooftop of The Cromwell. LA Leakers’ own DJ Sourmilk warmed the crowd up with his energetic mic presence, playing some of the best mixes in hip-hop and R&B. We had bottles popping in all of our cabanas and bungalows, people making a splash in our sparkling pools, tables making it rain, and beach balls in the air under the stars, all of this as partygoers took in the unbeatable view of the Strip! Special guests Klay Thompson, MMA fighter Nate Diaz and more made sure to come out to not miss out on the Swim Night festivities!

Big Snoop Dogg got the show started with Dr. Dre’s 1992 chart-topper “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” as fans erupted in excitement, singing along to every word! “Is everybody having a good time?! Say ‘hell yeah’! Say ‘bow wow wow, yipee yo yipee yay’!” as he performed Doggystyle classic “Gin and Juice” for the sold out crowd! He then took a moment to invite a fan that hitchhiked his way to Drai’s Beachclub to catch a glimpse of Snoop — “You traveled and hitchhiked all the way here to see me?! Bring this man on stage, c’mon man meet Snoop Dogg!” The stunned fan couldn’t believe what was happening on stage, as Snoop gave him a hug and took a photo with him to cheers across the venue — a very touching moment; Snoop loves his fans! The West Coast bangers kept on coming throughout the evening: “Sing it! What’s my m*****f***** name?!” Snoop Dogg closed the night out with fan-favorite “Drop It Like It’s Hot” into “Gz and Hustlas” — “I wanna thank y’all for coming out to Drai’s and partying with Snoop D-O-double G! Be safe everybody, see y’all next time!”

Don’t miss your chance to see Snoop Dogg’s last Swim Night appearance next Tuesday, September 4 at Drai’s Beachclub! Click here for tickets.