Trey Songz Shuts It Down for Veteran’s Day at Drai’s Nightclub

(11/11/17) Resident artist Trey Songz returned to the Drai’s LIVE stage for another unbelievable night. Drai’s Nightclub was jam packed as partygoers from all over came out to celebrate Veteran’s Day! Franzen warmed the crowd up leading up to Trey with today’s hottest hits, then threw in some throwback jams for the ladies with “I’m Goin’ Down” (Mary J. Blige), “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” (Destiny’s Child), then current smash “Bodak Yellow.”

It was that time of the night where the lights dimmed down as everyone can feel the anticipation of Trey about to perform. “It’s a Vibe” starts to play but Trigga is nowhere to be seen, but he starts to sing from the back stage as he gradually makes his way to the stage to surprise fans. “Vegas what up! I said Vegas what up, make some mother****ing noise! Ladies f***in screeeeeam!” as cheers filled the entire venue. Trey was seen wearing some statement pieces with a HUF ‘F*CK IT!’ jacquard knit sweater and a pair of zippered plaid pants, as he continued to perform hit after hit.

“Who’s celebrating a birthday tonight?! I see a birthday, a birthday, a birthday. There’s a million birthdays in this mother****er! My birthday is two weeks away so happy early birthday to me,” then proceeded to perform “Say Aah” for all the birthday people in the building. He kept the celebrations going, asking who wants to take a shot for their birthdays. “F*** it we gotta bring some birthday girls on stage, I need a helping hand! We gonna celebrate your mother****in birthday on stage y’all!” As security brought the lucky few ladies to the stage, Trey was seen having a blast with partygoers. The birthday girls got to the stage, as he hugs each of them and asks “wanna take a shot with me?” as they glee in excitement. There’s shots being handed out from the main stage to fans, and Trey happily lends a helping hand. “If you got a drink put it up to the sky, put it up!” He then took a shot with the birthday girls on stage along with everyone else in the club.

“Who up here getting drunk? Keep the lights off till I say so, here we go” as he then slows it down with “Slow Motion.” “Lights lights lights!” asks Trey, with the club lit back up while he lifts his sweater up to the delight of all the ladies in the club. “I only came here for one reason” as “Catch Me in the Club” is performed, bringing many beautiful girls up on stage with him. An incredible drum solo is then unleashed from Trey’s tour drummer and producer extraordinaire, Amadeus. We kept the good vibes and drinks flowing with “Bottoms Up.”

The Drai’s family then did a surprise birthday parade for Mr. Songz, with our beautiful Drai’s Dolls presenting a custom birthday cake and big head cutouts of the man himself! Pleasantly surprised, Franzen gets on the mic: “Y’all make some noise for Trey Songz birthday! I know it’s two weeks away but we love you, from the whole Drai’s family!” And that’s a wrap for this momentous night! Trey Songz went back to join his friends at the VIP table to keep it going, then made his way to Drai’s After Hours to party till sunrise!