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Drai’s Weekend Recap: Nelly (10/19), Rae Sremmurd (10/20), Jay Rock (10/21)

Drai’s Nightclub once again brought the very best in live talent to the Las Vegas Strip, for a weekend unlike any other in the industry! Nelly started it all off for us Friday night, Saturday was the grand return of Rae Sremmurd, and Sunday saw special guest Jay Rock close the weekend out. Special guests that came out included boxing champ Mike Tyson, legendary rapper Too Short, and many more!

The always energetic Nelly drew a packed house Friday evening at Drai’s Nightclub, knowing they were in for an amazing performance. The St. Louis rapper felt the energy early on and couldn’t help but get on stage before his set, borrowing our photographer’s camera for some POV shots and happily greeting all the fans on the dance floor! Looking stylish in a Louis Vuitton scarf and a pair of all-white Air Force 1s, Nelly began with “E.I.” and seamlessly blended it with some of today’s top hits like “Plug Walk,” “That’s On Me,” “Knuck If You Buck” and more — “I wanna thank the West Coast for allowing Nelly to be here tonight! I wanna thank all my out of towners one time! If you’ve been riding with Nelly since day 1 make some noise!” Screams filled the air as he proceeded to do an impressive a capella of his breakout hit “Country Grammar”! Nelly performed hit after hit from his extensive catalog, and even brought out Vin Rock of Naughty by Nature to perform rap classic “O.P.P.”! “Before I get out of here I wanna thank y’all, shout out to Drai’s, my team, everybody that came out!” He closed it out with “Hot in Herre” followed by “Dilemma,” getting all the girls to get up and sing along and keeping the energy alive!

Saturday was just as insane as Rae Sremmurd made their long-awaited return to the night club in Las Vegas — it was another sold out night full of celebrations as tables made it rain and the drinks kept on flowing! People from all over were ready to dance and turn up from start to finish — “Las Vegas WTF is up?!” Brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi started us off with “No Type,” “No Flex Zone” and “42,” as always giving it their all to get the crowd amped up — “Shout out to all my birthdays in the house, I need y’all to clap like this!” There were endless chart-toppers like “Throw Sum Mo,” “Perplexing Pegasus,” “Come Get Her” and more as fans cheered on all evening, with Jxmmi grabbing phones from the dance floor to capture some memorable moments! “If you from out of town say hell yeah! If you from Vegas say hell yeah! When I say ‘Sremm,’ you say ‘Life’!” The venue erupted in cheers as Rae Sremmurd concluded their set with “Chanel” and “Powerglide” — “Are y’all ready? Everybody take a shot right now, we ’bout to f*** the club up! Shout out to Drai’s Las Vegas, drop that s***!” The boys had a blast from the moment they stepped on stage, showing much love and appreciation to everyone that came out.

We then reached Sunday, or as we call it here #SunDraisWithDJFranzen with special guest Jay Rock live in concert! DJ Franzen got the party started as he played the very best in hip-hop and R&B, mixed with his incredible mic presence to capture the crowd as our talented Drai’s Dirty Dancers entertained guests all night. Birthday festivities were happening everywhere you looked, but there was one in particular that stole the show as our very own Dustin Drai celebrated in style with close friends and colleagues, alongside Victor Drai joining in on the fun! Jay Rock then made his Drai’s LIVE debut, kicking it off with “For What It’s Worth” into “The Bloodiest” — “Hey Las Vegas how y’all feeling tonight?! Make some noise for yourselves!” Jay was met with rousing applause from fans and partygoers as they rapped along to a number of his hits, and then took a moment to ask the crowd a question: “Where all my day 1 TDE fans at?! I’m gonna take y’all back! How many of y’all remember this right here? We representing the West Coast!” We then heard some of TDE’s earlier standouts such as the Kendrick Lamar-featured “Hood Gone Love It,” “Wow Freestyle,” and of course “Money Trees.” Jay Rock perfectly closed the weekend out with “King’s Dead” followed by the always hype “WIN”! “That’s my time, thank you Las Vegas!”