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Victor and Dustin Drai Sits Down With ‘Forbes’ for an Exclusive Feature

Renowned American business publication Forbes got a chance to speak with nightlife impresario Victor Drai and son Dustin Drai — director of marketing here at Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub — for an extensive feature where they discuss everything from Victor’s inspirational success story, producing big-budget films, Dustin’s early involvement in the nightlife industry, their undeniable father-son chemistry, and more. “The reason I knew a lot about this business is that I grew up in Paris and you would go to a club and buy a bottle, and they would put your name on the bottle for when you came back. They never had bottle service in America, so when I started my first club, I started to introduce it for the first time,” said Victor Drai on the topic of innovating the nightlife scene and incorporating what he’s learned throughout his storied career.

“I didn’t want to have everyone think I was just the owner’s son … I wanted to have personal experience in every side of the business. I want people to respect what I have to say, and that’s kind of what my Dad has always instilled in me growing up,” as Dustin recalls his father imparting words of wisdom and wanting him to learn every aspect of the nightlife industry, from starting at Drai’s as a busboy to everything else in between, learning the ins and outs of the family organization. “My Dad would ask me what I think about their design choices in front of 20 executives, and he would talk to me like I was one of them. As long as I can remember I have always been involved. My life as a kid was the nightlife business, and as I got older it was a natural fit, and my Dad never pressured me into it.” For more on the Drai’s legacy and what’s in store for the future, read the article in full on the source link below.

source: Forbes