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How Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub’s Own Victor Drai Paved the Way in Film Originality With ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

MEL Magazine has just published an extensive article on the 1989 comedy classic Weekend at Bernie’s. The feature highlights how the ‘stupidest comedy you secretly love’ came to fruition, going into detail on pitching the wild idea to executives, roadblocks in development, overcoming the negative reviews it faced, its legacy, and much more. Film producer, entrepreneur and nightclub impresario Victor Drai, who had made the Gene Wilder rom-com The Woman in Red, gave the film’s premise a chance. “I loved that script,” Drai says. “We worked on it for like, I don’t know, six months or a year. When we finished, I asked [Klane], ‘Do you have any other ideas? I want to try to find something original.’ He said, ‘Yes, I have an idea, but nobody would ever buy it. It’s about two kids who drag a dead guy around Fire Island.’” I said, ‘That sounds crazy and funny.’” The fact that Weekend at Bernie’s even got greenlit was something of a miracle, and for that we have our very own Victor Drai to thank in giving this outrageous movie a chance. Click here to read the article in its entirety, courtesy of MEL Magazine.