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DRAI’S GUIDE: What to Pack for Your Vegas Trip


Whether you’re a Vegas veteran or a first-timer, you can always use a handy guide as a refresher on what to pack for your next Las Vegas journey! Of course you have your basics down like clothes, wallet/purse, electronics and toiletries, but this is Vegas we’re talking about here. We’ll break down some essentials you might overlook when booking your next trip here, especially if it’s your first time:

Sunglasses: It’s mostly sunny here throughout the year in Las Vegas and chances are you’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing, so it’s imperative you pack a pair of shades in your suitcase. There’s always a lot to see around the Strip and beyond, so keep your eyes protected during the day when outside. Aside from looking great during the day, they’ll come in handy with the many pools here as well as during dayclub season!

Sunscreen: Again going from the above pointer, we want to stay protected from the sun. So before bringing your carry-on at the airport, head to your local drug store for some travel-sized bottles. Let’s make sure you don’t get sunburned while partying here at Drai’s Beachclub! And while you’re at it, why not pack a hat for some extra protection from the rays?

Comfortable shoes: Sure you have your dress shoes or stilettos ready for the clubs, but it’s important to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in all weekend. If you’re planning on walking through multiple casinos in or around the Strip, you’ll be glad you brought out your favorite pair of sneakers as a Vegas tourist. Once it’s nighttime, then you can bust out your fancy shoes for your Drai’s Nightclub outing!

Sandals and swimswear: Save the hassle to the store and money by bringing your bathing suit and sandals if you plan on hitting up the pool or a Las Vegas dayclub!

Proper nightclub attire: Be prepared to look and dress your best when hitting a nightclub in Las Vegas! Planning to come by Drai’s Beachclub or Nightclub during your trip, but not sure about what’s allowed inside? No problem, just click here for our dress code policy.

Outerwear: It’s not always warm/hot here in the desert as some may think, as temperatures can dip dramatically in the evening. We recommend checking the weather forecast on the days you’ll be here and pack as needed, whether it be a coat or light jacket depending on the time of year.

Portable USB charger: When you’re walking around downtown or the Strip, eating, shopping, gaming and whatnot throughout the weekend, you’re going to be using your phone a lot to take pictures and videos to share your experiences. You’re not going to be near your room at all times so having a portable charger will definitely come in handy.

Tote bag: Comfortably carry some of the above items in a tote bag. We don’t recommend a backpack as some establishments inside casinos do not allow them going in.

Hangover survival kit: It’s a Vegas trip so let’s face it, you’ll be doing some drinking at night. Pack your favorite hangover remedy, whether it be vitamins/supplements, sports drinks, etc. and set it aside in your room. You’ll then be ready in no time for Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub the next day! And as always, please drink responsibly.

Be sure to keep this handy guide saved for your next Las Vegas weekend; click here for tables and VIP packages, we’ll see you all soon!