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Drai’s Big Game Weekend Recap: Method Man & Redman (2/1), Big Sean (2/2), French Montana (2/3)

February started off jam-packed with excitement here at Drai’s Nightclub, featuring an unbeatable lineup fit for the Big Game weekend – Method Man & Redman kicked us off Friday night, Saturday was fan-favorite Big Sean, and Sunday was the grand debut of French Montana! Special guests included Floyd Mayweather, Amber Rose, Odell Beckham Jr., Captain Munnerlyn, Julio Jones, and many more.

Friday evening saw a very special performance from East Coast hip-hop legends Method Man and Redman! Partygoers from all over came out to see the dynamic duo in action, performing “Y.O.U.,” “Time 4 Sum Aksion” and “Pick It Up” to get everybody riled up. “Las Vegas WTF is up! Make some noise in this joint man, we goin’ back to the ’90s – it’s only right!” A slew of classics were brought out to the masses as fans rapped along to each and every word, even performing some standout Wu-Tang tracks for the day 1s. The pair were in their element as they worked the crowd from start to finish with their incredible energy and charismatic nature – we even had Method Man hop up on one of the VIP tables as he laid out some killer bars on “Release Yo Delf.” Method Man and Redman closed it out with “Dangerous MC’s” and “Da Rockwilder,” as well as an encore performance with “Rapper’s Delight” to cap it off!

Returning on Saturday was the one and only Big Sean, bringing out a sold out show as we continued our Big Game weekend festivities. “Sean Don in this motherf*****, Super Bowl weekend! Y’all got the Pats or the Rams?” They most definitely favored the Rams to take it, applauding and screaming as he stepped back up on the Drai’s LIVE stage. “If y’all feeling good tonight make some noise… If you celebrating a birthday make some noise!” Sean took a moment to show love and shout out everyone that came out from different parts of the world, saving the West Coast for last to loud cheers as he transitioned into “Clique.” “If you gonna make a million dollars over your lifetime make some noise right now! If you not taking that leap of faith you gotta do it; do what you love!” offering words of encouragement as he performed “Don’t Like,” “Blessings” and countless other hits for the excited crowd. Ending his performance with chart-toppers “IDFWU” and “Bounce Back” kept the party going well into the night – another show-stopping set with Big Sean!

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out this memorable weekend, proudly debuting French Montana live in concert here at Drai’s Nightclub! The venue was packed and filled with good vibes from beginning to end, with bottle presentations left to right and tables making it rain nonstop throughout the night. French was all smiles as he enjoyed himself with friends and colleagues on the back stage VIP, and made his way over to greet fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Odell Beckham Jr. before his performance. You can feel the anticipation from the fans as he graced the world-famous Drai’s LIVE stage, debuting with “Work” and “Shot Caller” to screams everywhere! “If you from out of town make some noise one time! We in motherf***** Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays here, nah mean?!” It was hit after hit from thereon out, even inviting up MGK for “Ocho Cinco” to everyone’s amazement – the energy was literally through the roof atop The Cromwell! With so much going on already, French took a moment to slow it down a bit by performing “Unforgettable” as everybody sang along to the #1 hit. He closed out his breakthrough performance with “Pop That” and song-of-the-moment “No Stylist” to perfectly encapsulate the Big Game weekend!

Be sure to catch French Montana’s return next Saturday, February 16 at Drai’s Nightclub! Click here for tickets.